Free things to do in Ozark, AL


Despite its small size, Ozark offers a variety of free things to do, including events and attractions that are enjoyable for visitors and locals alike. Find the best free things to do in Ozark and make the most of your visit without breaking the bank! Southeast Alabama’s Ozark invites travelers to discover its undiscovered attractions and vibrant neighborhood feeling.

Ozark offers various budget-friendly experiences, from calm lakeside getaways to cultural events and historical sites. Come with us as we explore Ozark, Alabama’s rich history, stunning scenery, and local events while learning about the city’s best free activities. It will be an amazing trip that won’t cost you a dime.

10 Things to do are

  1. Enjoy Ed Lisenby Lake’s Outdoor Activities
  2. Go through the Arboretum in Ozark City.
  3. Experience the Claybank Jamboree to Learn About Local History
  4. Attend Free Community Activities
  5. Take a look at Dale County Courthouse Square
  6. Investigate the Public Library of Ozark-Dale County
  7. Explore Historic Sites on a Self-Guided Walking Tour
  8. Experience East Gate Park’s Outdoor Recreation
  9. Check Out Free Performances and Concerts
  10. Explore Ozark Art Council Gallery’s Local Art Selection

Enjoy Ed Lisenby Lake’s Outdoor Activities

Discover the tranquil haven of Ed Lisenby Lake, where nature lovers can engage in various outdoor pursuits amidst breathtaking scenery. Fish off the pier, throwing a line into the calm waters and hauling in the day’s catch. Discover the meandering, winding nature trails that wind through verdant vegetation and provide chances to observe wildlife and birds.

Enjoy a picnic beneath towering trees or take in the serene atmosphere while soaking up the sun’s warm rays. You can also like places like the Arboretum in Ozark City. Ed Lisenby Lake promises to be a revitalizing haven for those seeking peace and embracing nature with its various outdoor experiences.


  • Peaceful Fishing
  • Beautiful Nature Paths
  • Serene Picnic Spaces
  • Activities Using Water
  • Posing Opportunities

Go through the Arboretum in Ozark City

Explore the Ozark City Arboretum and discover the wonders of nature that await you at every turn. The winding pathways lead to this hidden gem, which is decorated with a vibrant mosaic of trees, plants, and flowers. With every step, you will discover a plethora of botanical wonders, ranging from delicate wildflowers to towering oaks, creating a sensory-pleasing kaleidoscope of colors and scents.

Thought-provoking signage provides fascinating insights into the varied ecosystem, and peaceful meditation areas encourage quiet introspection amidst the beautiful surroundings. Everyone who walks through the Ozark City Arboretum is guaranteed a fantastic experience, whether looking for inspiration, comfort, or just a chance to spend time in nature.


  • Botanical Diversity
  • Signs with Instruction
  • Calm Meditating Areas
  • Seasonal Vegetation
  • Experiencing Wildlife

Experience the Claybank Jamboree to Learn About Local History

Experience the Claybank Jamboree to fully immerse yourself in the colorful tapestry of Ozark’s cultural heritage. This monthly gathering provides a lively setting for residents and tourists to learn about the city’s rich history via storytelling, music, and traditional crafts.

With the picturesque downtown streets as a backdrop, the festival showcases the essence of Ozark’s past by bringing together skilled musicians, artisans, and historians. With the help of mesmerizing stories and upbeat songs, guests are taken back in time to a bygone era and gain priceless insights into the values, customs, and traditions that have shaped the community’s identity over time.


  • A Living History
  • Festivity of Culture
  • Engaging Workshops
  • Participation in the Community
  • Experience in Education

Attend Free Community Activities

To taste its wonderful spirit, please attend one of Ozark’s many free community events. These events, which range from energetic festivals to calm park get-togethers, have something to offer everyone. Experience the lively vitality of neighborhood markets, uncover undiscovered talents at outdoor performances, or relax in the peaceful atmosphere of wellness seminars.

Engaging in these activities with neighbors and friends is about more than just having fun; it’s about fostering relationships and making lifelong memories. Thus, embrace the vibrant fabric that unites Ozark as a community unlike any other, whether your goal is adventure or relaxation.


  • Inclusive Events
  • Various Programming
  • Family-Friendly Entertainment
  • Possibilities for Establishment
  • A Higher Standard of Living

Take a look at Dale County Courthouse Square.

Explore the Dale County Courthouse Square in Ozark and embark on a fascinating trip through time. This historic site is the city’s center, where memories of the past and the pulse of the present coexist peacefully. Admire the courthouse’s timeless elegance, which reflects the city’s lasting legacy.

Take a stroll down the quaint streets dotted with cafes and small businesses, which provide a window into Ozark’s lively culture and sense of community. Dale County Courthouse Square invites you to experience the charm and personality of Ozark’s historic downtown, regardless of your interest in history or desire for a peaceful getaway.


  • Antique Design
  • Centre of Culture
  • Neighborhood events
  • Historical importance
  • Scenery Charm

Investigate the Public Library of Ozark-Dale County

Enter the Ozark-Dale County Public Library and embark on a voyage of discovery and knowledge. This learning oasis provides more than just books—it’s a doorway to countless opportunities. Discover the extensive collection of books, including works in fiction and non-fiction genres that appeal to readers of all ages and interests. Take part in community programs that uplift the mind and spirit, as well as educational workshops and cultural events.

With cutting-edge resources and technology available, the library encourages people to explore, learn, and develop. It is a welcoming place to go if you’re looking for inspiration, information, or just a quiet place to relax.


  • Variety of Collection
  • Workshops for Education
  • Cultural Events and occasions
  • Participation in the Community
  • Technology The accessibility

Explore Historic Sites on a Self-Guided Walking Tour

Take a self-guided walk through some of Ozark’s historic sites to begin a fascinating journey through time. Explore quaint streets adorned with exquisitely conserved architectural designs, where every building reveals secrets about bygone eras.

Explore undiscovered treasures and well-known sites, such as the Old Claybank Church and the Dale County Courthouse Square, that illustrate the rich history of the Ozarks. Free things to do in Ozark, take in the sights, sounds, and tales of bygone eras as you meander through historic districts and lose yourself in the atmosphere of a bygone era. You’ll learn new things with each step and better understand Ozark’s distinctive past.


  • Engaging Experience
  • Wonderful Architecture
  • Surprising Finds
  • Possibility for Education
  • Adaptive Investigation

Experience East Gate Park’s Outdoor Recreation

Discover the thrilling experience of outdoor exploration at East Gate Park, where abundant recreational opportunities coexist with the splendor of nature. On a sweltering summer’s day, throw in a line and reel in the day’s catch while fishing off the pier, or jump into the lake for a refreshing swim.

Discover charming hiking routes that meander through tranquil meadows and lush forests, providing incredible vistas and chances to spot wildlife. Play basketball or volleyball with your friends on the courts, or hang out in the large green areas and enjoy the sunshine. At East Gate Park, you are free to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.


  • Lake Activities
  • Beautiful Hiking Paths
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Areas for Picnics
  • Verdant Areas

Check Out Free Performances and Concerts

Take advantage of free shows and concerts to fully immerse yourself in Ozark’s thriving arts and culture scene. Ozark offers various musical experiences to suit all tastes and preferences, from exciting music festivals to cozy acoustic sessions.

There is something to enjoy for everyone, regardless of their musical tastes: jazz, blues, country, or rock. Free things to do in Ozark, these free concerts offer chances to support local artists, find new music, and establish connections with the community via the common language of music. So pull up a lawn chair, round up your pals, and get ready to groove to the lively music scene in Ozark.


  • Different Styles of Music
  • Regional Talent Exhibition
  • Participation in the Community
  • Enhancement of Culture
  • Easily Achievable Entertainment

Explore Ozark Art Council Gallery’s Local Art Selection

Discover the colorful world of regional art at the Ozark Art Council Gallery, where imagination is unrestricted. Visitors can glimpse Ozark’s rich artistic tapestry at this community-driven space, which displays a diverse selection of artwork made by talented local artists. The gallery showcases diverse styles and mediums that embody the distinct viewpoints and voices of the local creative community, encompassing exquisite paintings, sculptures, intricate ceramics, and mixed-media creations.

A trip to the Ozark Art Council Gallery promises to be a visually stimulating and enlightening experience, regardless of your experience with art or your curiosity about the local art community.


  • Various Art Styles
  • Diversity of Media
  • Celebrating Regional Talent
  • Cultural Reflection
  • Captivating Exhibitions


Ozark, AL, is a testament to the adage that the best things in life are free. From taking in the tranquility of its parks and lakes to learning about the fascinating history of its downtown squares, Ozark has a lot to offer that will keep the bank strong. There are a lot of free activities that both locals and visitors can enjoy, whether it’s socializing with neighbors, going on outdoor adventures, or taking in cultural events. In Ozark, the true worth is found in the depth of the experiences and memories made, not in the price.


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