Free Things To Do In Columbiana, AL


A haven of stunning scenery and extensive history, Columbiana is tucked away in the center of Alabama and offers many exciting experiences without breaking the bank. Columbiana provides a wide range of free activities to delight visitors of all ages, whether you’re a local looking for new experiences or a visitor passing through.


There are countless ways to enjoy this quaint town without breaking the bank, from touring historical sites and beautiful parks to fully immersing yourself in the local culture. Come along as we explore Columbiana, Alabama’s best free attractions. In this post, we’ll look at free things to do in Columbiana, Alabama, including visiting historical sites, beautiful parks, and local cultural events. For more ideas on free activities in Alabama, check out this guide to free things to do in Rainbow City.


Places to visit


1)         Columbiana City Park

2)         Shelby County Arts Council

3)         Mildred B. Harrison Regional Library

4)         American Village Citizenship Trust

5)         Wilsonville Recreation Area

6)         Coosa Valley Railroad Museum

7)         Buck Creek Park

8)         Lay lake

9)         Lake Meadowbrook

10)       Columbiana Cemetery


Columbiana City Park


Columbiana City Park is a popular recreational area in the center of Columbiana, Alabama. This park, which covers acres of lush vegetation, provides a range of facilities and entertainment options for guests of all ages. It has playgrounds where kids can have outdoor fun, well-kept walking trails, and picnic areas with grills and tables.


Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the baseball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts that Columbiana City Park offers. Because of its tranquil atmosphere and wide range of amenities, locals and tourists come here to relax and reconnect with nature.


Things to do in Columbiana City Park


  • Family gatherings or reunions
  • Photography sessions
  • Reading or relaxing in shaded areas
  • Geocaching
  • Nature photography workshops



Shelby County Arts Council


The Shelby County Arts Council is a thriving center for the arts that aims to promote creativity and enhance the community. Throughout the year, the council provides a wide array of programs and events to foster artistic expression and appreciation. There is something for every artistic taste, from gallery showcases and art exhibitions to musical acts and theatrical productions.


The council also offers outreach programs, educational workshops, and classes to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the arts. Because of its dedication to developing talent and advancing cultural enrichment, the Shelby County Arts Council is a vital component of Columbiana’s creative community.


Things to do in Shelby County Arts Council


  • Cultural events
  • Poetry readings
  • Film screenings
  • Artist talks
  • Craft fairs


Mildred B. Harrison Regional Library


Columbiana, Alabama, has a vital community resource called the Mildred B. Harrison Regional Library. The library is a center for education, research, and community involvement, and it was named in memory of Mildred B. Harrison, a devoted supporter of literacy and education. It allows users to broaden their knowledge and creativity by providing a vast selection of books, magazines, newspapers, and digital resources.


The library offers numerous events and programs for people of all ages in addition to its vast collection, such as story time sessions, book clubs, author readings, and educational workshops. The Mildred B. Harrison Regional Library improves the lives of both locals and visitors with its friendly atmosphere and dedication to literacy.


Things to do Mildred B. Harrison Library


  • Borrowing books
  • Participating in book clubs
  • Using computers for research or internet access
  • Exploring digital resources
  • Using study spaces


American Village Citizenship Trust


The American Village Citizenship Trust is a distinctive educational establishment in Montevallo, Alabama, committed to advancing awareness and respect for democratic values and the country’s founding principles. Offering immersive experiences and interactive programs for visitors of all ages, the village functions as a dynamic learning center.


The American Village brings history to life and lets visitors explore the concepts of liberty, democracy, and citizenship through interactive exhibits, historical reenactments, and hands-on activities. With its inspiring monuments and replica colonial buildings, the village offers a thought-provoking tour through America’s history and fosters a greater understanding of the rights and obligations of citizenship.


Things to do in American Village Citizenship Trust


  • Educational programs
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Citizenship ceremonies
  • Storytelling sessions
  • Patriotism workshops


Wilsonville Recreation Area


Wilsonville Recreation Area is a picturesque outdoor destination in Wilsonville, Alabama. It provides a natural escape for locals and visitors. This vast park is spread across acres of picturesque landscape and offers amenities for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. The park offers peaceful surroundings for visitors to enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking, picnicking, and bird watching.


The recreation area offers a peaceful escape for those looking for adventure or relaxation and opportunities for boating and fishing on neighboring waterways. Family get-togethers and outdoor recreation are popular at the Wilsonville Recreation Area because of its verdant surroundings, meandering trails, and serene atmosphere.


Things to do in Wilsonville Recreation Area


  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Photography
  • Relaxation
  • Enjoy natural scenes
  • Family picnicking



Coosa Valley Railroad Museum


The Coosa Valley Railroad Museum in Calera, Alabama, is a veritable gold mine of railroad memorabilia and history. The museum honors the rich history of railroads in the Coosa Valley. Offering a window into the past of rail travel, visitors can examine a collection of antique freight, passenger, and locomotive cars.


Along with artifacts detailing the history of railroads in Alabama, the museum has interactive exhibits and model train displays. The Coosa Valley Railroad Museum offers railway enthusiasts and history buffs an immersive and captivating experience through educational programs, special events, and guided tours.


Things to do at Coosa Valley Railroad Museum


  • View model train displays
  • Participate in educational programs
  • Attend special events
  • Enjoy interactive exhibits
  • Take guided tours


Buck Creek Park


Buck Creek Park is a beautiful outdoor retreat with a wealth of recreational options tucked away in Helena, Alabama. Walking trails wind through acres of verdant parkland, offering beautiful scenery for rambling strolls or strenuous hikes amidst the splendor of nature. The focal point of the park is Buck Creek, a calm stream where people can kayak, fish, or just unwind by the peaceful shore.


Buck Creek Park, with its well-kept picnic areas, playgrounds, and pavilions, is a perfect location for social outings, family get-togethers, and outdoor picnics. Its serene atmosphere and natural charm make it a well-liked location for locals and tourists.


Things to do in Buck Creek Park


  • Relaxing by the creek
  • Birdwatching
  • Playground activities
  • Photography
  • Nature walks



Lay lake


Sitting atop parts of Shelby, Coosa, and Chilton counties, Lay Lake is a vast reservoir in the heart of Alabama. It is about 12,000 acres with 289 miles of shoreline, and it was created by damming the Coosa River. Anglers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Lay Lake all year round because of its scenic beauty and myriad recreational opportunities.


It is a well-liked location for fishing competitions since the lake provides excellent bass, crappie, and catfish fishing. Lay Lake offers a peaceful haven for those who want to escape into nature, with activities like swimming, boating, water sports, and picnicking available along its serene shores.


Things to do in Lay Lake


  • Boating
  • Water skiing
  • Jet skiing
  • Swimming
  • Picnicking



Lake Meadowbrook


Lake Meadowbrook is a picturesque recreational lake that provides families and outdoor enthusiasts with a calm haven. This lovely 28-acre lake offers boating, fishing, and leisurely walks along its scenic shores. While taking in the serene atmosphere of the lake’s environs, anglers can cast their lines in search of bass, bream, and catfish.


Lake Meadowbrook is great for family picnics and outdoor events because it has a picnic area with tables and grills. Thanks to its serene waters and breathtaking scenery, everyone who visits Lake Meadowbrook can enjoy a peaceful getaway into nature.


Things to do in Lake Meadowbrook


  • Wildlife watching
  • Birdwatching
  • Walking or hiking trails
  • Photography
  • Relaxing by the water


Columbiana Cemetery


The 19th-century Columbiana Cemetery in Columbiana, Alabama, is a historically significant graveyard that is the last resting place of numerous early settlers, notable people, and veterans. The cemetery’s varied grave markers reflect the community’s varied history and heritage, including ornate monuments, straightforward headstones, and family plots.


Columbiana Cemetery is a site of historical significance and reflection where people can stroll around its serene grounds, pay their respects to the deceased, and learn about the lives of those buried there.


Things to do in Columbiana Cemetery


  • Historical documentation
  • Grave site preservation
  • Tombstone photography
  • Artifact discovery
  • Cemetery mapping




Many worthwhile activities are available in Columbiana, Alabama, without spending any money. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from exploring the tranquil beauty of Lake Meadowbrook to learning about the area’s rich history at the Columbiana Cemetery.


Visitors can take in the breathtaking splendor of Buck Creek Park or immerse themselves in the area’s cultural legacy at the Shelby County Arts Council. Columbiana offers many free activities to fit every interest and budget, including hiking, fishing, and lounging by the water. Visit us and experience the warmth and charm of this thriving Alabama community without going over budget.










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