Free Things To Do In Brook Highland, AL


Brook Highland provides a multitude of options for exploration and enjoyment without breaking the bank. Located in the center of Alabama’s breathtaking scenery, this thriving community welcomes guests to fully immerse themselves in its allure without paying a dime. Brook Highland provides entertainment options for all people, including history buffs, nature lovers, and those looking for inexpensive entertainment. 

Explore the undiscovered beauties and hidden gems waiting for you in this magical place where priceless memories are created. We will provide the best free things to do in Brook Highland. For tourists on a tight budget, this post will explore the range of free events and attractions available in Brook Highland, Alabama. For more free activities in Alabama, check out our guide on free things to do in Sylacauga.

Places to visit 

  1. Oak Mountain State Park
  2. Aldridge Gardens
  3. Birmingham Museum of Art
  4. Vulcan Park
  5. Railroad Park
  6. Red Mountain Park
  7. Kelly Ingram Park
  8. Sloss Furnaces
  9. Ruffner Mountain Preserve
  10. Moss Rock Preserve

Oak Mountain State Park

The biggest park in the state is Oak Mountain State Park, situated in the picturesque hills of central Alabama and covering an area of over 9,000 acres with recreational opportunities and natural beauty. This vast park, which is close to Brook Highland, is a haven for nature lovers with its varied scenery, including verdant forests, placid lakes, and rough paths. 

With breathtaking scenery as its backdrop, Oak Mountain State Park is a beloved getaway for locals and visitors looking for adventure and relaxation in the great outdoors because of its diverse range of facilities and rich biodiversity. Among the many activities available to visitors are hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and picnicking.

Things to do in Oak Mountain State Park

  • Lake and stream fishing
  • Having a picnic in approved locations
  • Observing wildlife and birds 
  • Oak Mountain Golf Course golfing
  • Riding a horse on a riding trail 

Aldridge Gardens

Aldridge Gardens, located in Hoover, Alabama, provides a peaceful haven amidst the magnificence of the natural world. This 30-acre botanical oasis enthralls guests with its breathtaking assortment of plants, including colorful blooms, tranquil ponds, and lush vegetation. The gardens, established by renowned horticulturist Eddie Aldridge, feature a tasteful fusion of native Alabama flora and well-chosen ornamentals.

 Wandering along its paths, guests encounter serene water features, charming bridges, and magical scenery. In addition to its botanical charm, Aldridge Gardens holds community gatherings, art shows, and educational initiatives that promote a profound respect for the natural world and a sense of calm in the midst of daily life.

Things to do in Aldridge Gardens

  • Enjoy a family picnic in the natural environment at specified locations with your loved ones
  • Capture images of the breathtaking vistas and landscapes
  • Participate in gardening and horticultural education programs and workshops
  • Take part in painting lessons or other activities held in the gardens
  • See these delicate creatures up close by exploring the Butterfly Garden

Birmingham Museum of Art

Culture-wise, the Birmingham Museum of Art is a landmark in Alabama with a diverse collection of artwork spanning centuries and continents. This prestigious institution, situated in the heart of Birmingham, is home to an enormous collection of over 27,000 paintings, including classical and modern ones. 

Viewers can enjoy a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and textiles, including international masterworks and homegrown talent. The museum invites visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the world of art and creativity through its rotating exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives. It functions as a dynamic hub for creativity, enlightenment, and cultural appreciation.

Things to do at Birmingham Museum of Art

  • Lectures and talks
  • Live performances
  • Museum gift shop
  • Cafe and dining options
  • Docent-led gallery talks

Vulcan Park

Vulcan Park is a historical and cultural landmark. In the center of the park stands the monumental Vulcan statue, a 56-foot-tall cast-iron representation of the Roman god of fire and forging. From this famous landmark, you can enjoy stunning sweeping views of Birmingham’s skyline and the surrounding countryside. 

With exhibits and displays that delve into Birmingham’s industrial past and iron and steel production’s role in the city’s growth, Vulcan Park is a well-liked vacation spot with educational value. In addition, the park offers academic courses, performances, and other events, making it a hive of cultural activity right in the middle of Birmingham.

Things to do in Vulcan Park

  • Go to the park’s events and concerts
  • Have a picnic in approved locations
  • Attend guided tours of the museum and park
  • Purchase souvenirs from the gift shop
  • Take part in workshops and educational programs

Railroad Park

Railroad Park, situated in Birmingham, Alabama’s dynamic urban environment, is a prime example. Established in 2010, this vast 19-acre park combines art, leisure, and neighborhood involvement. Visitors can experience its dynamic atmosphere through walking paths, ponds, green lawns, and a central amphitheater. 

While health-conscious people jog along the trails, families enjoy picnics. Birmingham’s rich history is honored in the park’s centerpiece, an enthralling railway display. Railroad Park also serves as a hub for city life and unity, hosting numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Things to do in Railroad Park

  • Bring your kids to play in the areas set aside for playgrounds
  • Savor the peaceful ambiance while unwinding by the ponds
  • Engage in physical activities outdoors, like yoga or running
  • Participate in the festivals and community events hosted in the park.
  • Capture pictures of the cityscape and picturesque vistas.

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is a large park with historical significance and stunning natural surroundings located in Birmingham, Alabama. This vast park, which was formerly home to active iron ore mines, offers more than a thousand acres for outdoor exploration and adventure. You can explore its untamed landscape, unearth undiscovered artifacts, and enjoy the verdant forests. 

Red Mountain Park is captivated by its blend of nature and history. There, you can hike along picturesque trails, go on exhilarating zip-line tours, or relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. It continues to be a beloved location for people looking for outdoor adventures and a closer link to Birmingham’s history.

Things to do in Red Mountain Park

  • Exploring historical relics
  • Picnicking in designated areas
  • Birdwatching for local avian species
  • Geocaching for Hidden Treasures
  • Dog walking on pet-friendly trails

Kelly Ingram Park

Kelly Ingram Park, situated in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, critically represents the fight for equality during the Civil Rights Movement. During the era, it played a crucial role in protests and was named after a well-known police commissioner. Today, the park serves as a moving symbol of the difficulties encountered and the strides achieved in the struggle against racial injustice.

 Featuring poignant sculptures and memorials, Kelly Ingram Park functions as a somber area for introspection and remembering. Its historical significance and testament to the tenacity of those who battled for civil rights continue to inspire tourists.

Things to do in Kelly Ingram Park

  • Take pictures of essential locations
  • Participate in forums and community discussions
  • Savor a tranquil stroll in the park
  • Examine informational signs and plaques
  • Take a listen to oral history recordings 

Sloss Furnaces

A historic industrial site, Sloss Furnaces was crucial to the production of iron and steel in Birmingham, Alabama. During its nearly century-long operation, it played a significant role in Birmingham’s development into a major industrial center. As a museum and cultural hub, a testament to its historical significance, Sloss Furnaces Now, its status as a National Historic Landmark recognizes Sloss Furnaces.

Visitors can participate in educational programs and events highlighting Birmingham’s industrial heritage, explore its preserved blast furnaces, and learn more about the history of the area’s industry through exhibits and guided tours. Sloss Furnaces demonstrates the city’s industrial past and continuing cultural significance.

Things to do in Sloss Furnaces

  • Take part in seminars and educational initiatives
  • Go to exhibitions and special events
  • Discover the background of the production of steel and iron
  • Explore hands-on displays that highlight industrial operations
  • Snap pictures of the industrial machinery and architecture


Without needing a large budget, Brook Highland has a multitude of enriching experiences to offer. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is exploring the vibrant cultural scene at Aldridge Gardens or taking in the breathtaking natural beauty of Oak Mountain State Park. 

For free, discover the rich history of the city by going to the Birmingham Museum of Art or Vulcan Park. Explore Kelly Ingram Park’s Civil Rights Movement legacy, or head to Red Mountain Park for outdoor adventures. The abundance of free events and attractions at Brook Highland enables guests to make priceless memories without going over budget.

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