Free Things to Do In Tuscumbia, AL


Traveling through Tuscumbia, Alabama, reveals a wealth of free activities waiting to be found. It examines the city’s abundant historical, cultural, and scenic offerings in this piece, all without breaking the bank. Discovering the places where Helen Keller walked and taking in the peace of Spring Park are just two of the many free things

Tuscumbia has to offer for people of all ages and interests. We’ll also explore the thriving arts scene, finding free performances and shows highlighting the city’s inventiveness. Explore with us the wonders of Tuscumbia at a budget-friendly price as we unveil its mysteries. For more free attractions and activities nearby, check out our guide to free things to do in Forestdale, AL.

10 Things to Do In Tuscumbia

  1. Park Springs
  2. Birthplace of Helen Keller
  3. Depot Museum in Tuscumbia
  4. Bridge Covered in Cold Water
  5. Ivy green
  6. Nature Preserve at Cane Creek Canyon
  7. The Historic District of Tuscumbia
  8. The Fountain Show at Spring Park
  9. Honor Roll of the Music Preservation Society
  10. Colbert County Courthouse

Park Springs

Park Springs in Tuscumbia, Alabama, provides a tranquil haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and the natural world. With its expansive green areas, peaceful walking trails, and charming picnic spots, this lovely park is the perfect place to unwind and have fun. Indulge in strolls along shaded paths or relax among the verdant landscapes while taking in the calming sounds of nature.

The park invites individuals and families to connect with the beauty of the outdoors in a serene setting because of its charming atmosphere and abundant wildlife that offer a peaceful escape from the daily grind.

Free Things to Do in Park Springs

  • Nature Walks
  • Bird watching
  • Picnicking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Birthplace of Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s Birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is a testament to the extraordinary life and legacy of one of the most influential people in history. The modest house where Helen Keller, a well-known author and supporter of the deaf and blind, was born and raised is preserved as a historic site.

Explore the spare but striking surroundings to learn more about Keller’s early life and the life-changing experiences that influenced her extraordinary journey. The Birthplace honors Keller’s unwavering spirit and lasting influence on education and human rights by providing a moving glimpse into her world through guided tours and interactive exhibits.

Free Things to Do In Birthplace of Helen Keller

  • Guided Tours of the Birthplace Home
  • Exploring the Outdoor Gardens
  • Participating in Educational Workshops
  • Attending Special Events and Lectures
  • Visiting the Museum Exhibits

Depot Museum in Tuscumbia

In Tuscumbia, Alabama, the Depot Museum offers an enthralling window into the city’s colorful past and rich history. This museum, housed in a painstakingly restored train depot, takes visitors on an intriguing historical journey while highlighting the region’s significant contributions to industry and transportation.

The museum’s exhibits showcase a wide range of artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that underscore the considerable influence of railroads on Tuscumbia’s development. The Depot Museum offers an engaging account of the city’s history, from the heyday of steam locomotives to the development of trade and culture, encouraging a greater understanding of its enduring legacy.

Free Things to do in Depot Museum in Tuscumbia

  • Explore the Outdoor Grounds
  • Attend Special Events and Exhibits
  • Take Guided Tours of the Museum
  • Visit the Gift Shop
  • Enjoy Picnics in Nearby Park Areas

Bridge Covered in Cold Water

Located in Tuscumbia, Alabama, the Coldwater Covered Bridge is a picturesque representation of the area’s long history and allure. One of Alabama’s oldest covered bridges, this famous wooden bridge was constructed in 1850 and has enthralled generations of tourists with its classic elegance.

The bridge, which spans the calm waters of Coldwater Creek, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area and is a tranquil haven for nature lovers and photographers. Its worn-out wood and rustic charm arouse nostalgia, luring guests to travel back in time and enjoy the uncomplicated beauty of bygone eras amidst Alabama’s breathtaking scenery.

Free Things to Do in Bridge Covered in Cold Water

  • Enjoy Scenic Views
  • Take Photographs
  • Picnic by the Bridge
  • Bird watching
  • Relaxing by the Cold Water Creek

Ivy green

Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is significant in American history because it was Helen Keller’s cherished childhood home. Visitors to this historic site can get a moving look into Keller’s early life and the extraordinary journey that followed.

Guided tours of the renovated farmhouse and surrounding grounds offer a glimpse into the life of Keller, who overcame significant obstacles to become a well-known author, speaker, and advocate for people with disabilities. Discover more about Keller’s lasting legacy of bravery, resiliency, and determination by touring the serene gardens and the famous water pump, where she initially made a language connection.

Free Things to do in Ivy Green

  • Self-guided Tour of Helen Keller’s Birthplace
  • Explore the Outdoor Gardens
  • Attend Public Events or Lectures
  • Learn About Helen Keller’s Life and Legacy
  • Enjoy Picnics on the Grounds

Nature Preserve at Cane Creek Canyon

The Nature Preserve at Cane Creek Canyon, located in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is a charming getaway for those who enjoy the great outdoors and the natural world. This pristine wilderness sanctuary, which covers over 700 acres, is home to various plant and animal species due to its untamed terrain, lush forests, and captivating waterfalls.

Hikers can experience the serene beauty of the canyon by following meandering trails and finding hidden treasures around every corner. In this article, we will explore a unique outdoor experience amidst Alabama’s natural splendor is guaranteed at the Nature Preserve at Cane Creek Canyon, with breathtaking views, a tranquil atmosphere, and opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Free Things to Do in Nature Preserve at Cane Creek Canyon

  • Hiking on the Nature Trails
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Picnicking

The Historic District of Tuscumbia

Tuscumbia, Alabama’s Historic District, is a dynamic reminder of the city’s illustrious past and rich heritage. This neighborhood provides a fascinating look into Tuscumbia’s colorful past, lined with exquisitely preserved buildings and quaint streetscapes. Strolling down the cobblestone streets, tourists can take in the exquisite 19th-century architecture of the historic residences, churches, and business buildings.

They can stop at charming galleries, shops, and eateries along the route; each has a distinctive history to share and is housed in immaculately restored storefronts. The Historic District of Tuscumbia beckons guests to travel back in time and take in the splendor of bygone eras with its enduring charm and tangible sense of history.

Free Things to Do in the Historic District of Tuscumbia

  • Self-Guided Walking Tour of Historic Buildings
  • Enjoying Architectural Sightseeing
  • Exploring Local Parks and Green Spaces
  • Attending Outdoor Events or Festivals
  • Taking Photographs of Historic Landmarks

The Fountain Show at Spring Park

Spring Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is home to the captivating Fountain Show, which draws tourists of all ages. Vibrant lights illuminate the dancing water, synchronized to music, as it springs to life in a choreographed display against a serene lake and lush vegetation.

A plethora of enthralling melodies accompany the graceful ascent of water jets into the air, leaving spectators mesmerized by the magical atmosphere created. A delightful diversion from the norm, Spring Park’s Fountain Show invites guests to take in all of its beauty and wonder as an outdoor production.

Free Things to Do in the Fountain Show at Spring Park

  • Watching the Fountain Show
  • Enjoying the Surrounding Scenery
  • Taking Photographs of the Fountains
  • Picnicking in the Park
  • Relaxing by the Fountain Pond

Honor Roll of the Music Preservation Society

The Honor Roll of the Tuscumbia, Alabama-based Music Preservation Society attests to the region’s rich musical legacy. This prestigious award honors accomplished performers and industry pioneers who have made noteworthy contributions to the music industry.

The honor roll, which features the names of illustrious musicians and bands who have made a lasting impression on the music landscape, is open for fans to explore. The Honor Roll honors the talents and enduring contributions of individuals who have shaped the musical landscape, protecting their legacy for future generations. These individuals range from legendary performers to significant producers and songwriters.

Free Things to Do in Honor Roll of the Music Preservation Society

  • Attend Music Performances
  • Explore the Honor Roll Displays
  • Learn About Local Music History
  • Participate in Community Events
  • Enjoy Outdoor Concerts

Colbert County Courthouse

The magnificent Colbert County Courthouse in Tuscumbia, Alabama, represents civic pride and justice. Built in the neoclassical style, this historic courthouse’s towering columns and elaborate details exude grandeur. With its stately presence and classic elegance, the courthouse commands attention as the focal point of Tuscumbia’s downtown.

In addition to being a significant architectural landmark, the courthouse represents democracy and equal justice under the law and functions as a crucial center for civic affairs and legal proceedings. Both locals and tourists are still in awe of and reverence for the Colbert County Courthouse because of its long history and timeless charm.

Free Things to Do in Colbert County Courthouse

  • Admire the Architectural Beauty
  • Learn About the Courthouse’s History
  • Take Photographs of the Exterior
  • Attend Public Events or Open Houses
  • Relax in Nearby Courtyard Gardens


Many free activities are available in Tuscumbia, Alabama, to accommodate many hobbies and tastes. Plenty of free activities are just waiting to be discovered, such as learning about the fascinating history of Helen Keller’s birthplace and taking in the breathtaking scenery of parks and preserves.

There are numerous ways for travelers to enjoy Tuscumbia without going over budget, whether exploring historic neighborhoods, taking in architectural wonders, or taking advantage of outdoor activities. Thanks to its alluring attractions and lively sense of community, Tuscumbia welcomes residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the treasures it offers, all without spending a dime.

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