Free Things To Do In Clay, AL


In this post, we’ll explore various free events and attractions in Clay that will please locals and tourists. These activities range from peaceful natural retreats and neighborhood gatherings to visiting historical sites and cultural events. 

Explore undiscovered treasures that reveal the true spirit of Clay, such as picturesque parks, lively neighborhood events, and even a few shocking revelations. Explore the abundance of free activities that guarantee special moments without breaking the bank in Pell City, AL.

Places To Visit 

  1. Cosby Lake Park
  2. Clay Public Library
  3. Cosby Lake Disc Golf Course
  4. Clay Historical Park
  5. Clay-Chalkville Skate Park
  6. Veterans Memorial Park
  7. Deerfoot Memorial Gardens
  8. Mount Moriah Cemetery
  9. Local Farmers’ Markets
  10. Hiking Trails in Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Cosby Lake Park

Cosby Lake Park is a tranquil haven that locals and tourists can enjoy leisurely. Thanks to its serene waters and beautiful surroundings, the park offers a lovely setting for outdoor activities like picnics and strolls. Experience the embrace of nature as you stroll along meandering trails, take in the verdant surroundings, and see native fauna. 

The focal point, Cosby Lake, invites quiet moments of contemplation as it reflects the shifting colors of the sky. Whether you’re looking for some alone time or to laugh with your loved ones, Cosby Lake Park offers a refreshing getaway from the daily grind.


  • Wildlife observations
  • Fishing spots
  • Lake view scene
  • Picnic areas
  • Pavilion 

Clay Public Library

A wealth of books, periodicals, and digital resources are available for users of all ages in this welcoming environment. The library supports various interests and endeavors, promoting a love of learning and literacy by providing everything from best-sellers to instructional resources.

 Guests can participate in educational programs and workshops, explore the quaint reading nooks, and attend lively events. The Clay Public Library enhances residents’ lives and fosters a lifelong love of reading. Thanks to its welcoming Staff and Energetic Environment, it offers a haven for inquiry, creativity, and connection.


  • Quiet study areas
  • Online resources
  • Teen space
  • Friendly staff
  • Community programs

Cosby Lake Disc Golf Course

Disc golf enthusiasts of all skill levels will find this course challenging and enjoyable. As they move through rolling hills and verdant areas, players must place their discs in carefully thought-out baskets scattered throughout the course.

The Cosby Lake Disc Golf Course is the perfect getaway for people and groups looking for outdoor adventure and friendly competition because of its tranquil atmosphere and stunning surroundings. This lovely course offers a peaceful environment and friendly atmosphere that visitors can enjoy, whether improving their skills or enjoying the great outdoors.


  • Multiple challenging layouts
  • Wildlife observations
  • Recreation and exercise
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Accessibility 

Clay Historical Park

A monument to the town’s rich history and cultural legacy is Clay Historical Park. This historic site, located in the center of Clay, Alabama, provides visitors a window into the past through its exhibits, landmarks, and carefully preserved artifacts. The park offers an immersive experience for all visitors, capturing the essence of bygone eras through historical markers and pioneer-era buildings.

 Discover the tales of Clay’s early settlers and community pioneers as you meander around the park’s paths and examine its exhibits. Visitors are invited to travel back in time and learn about the origins of the town’s distinct identity at Clay Historical Park.


  • Historical exhibits
  • Walking trails
  • Picnic areas
  • Community events
  • Photography 

Clay-Chalkville Skate Park

Clay-Chalkville Skate Park is a thriving hangout for extreme sports enthusiasts and skateboarders in Clay, Alabama. This skate park, surrounded by beautiful scenery, provides people of all skill levels with an exciting and dynamic experience. Because of its ramps, rails, and obstacles, the park offers plenty of opportunities for riders to practice and show off their skills in a safe and supervised setting.

A center for outdoor recreation and social interaction, the Clay-Chalkville Skate Park welcomes families and fosters a sense of community. Whether learning new skills or just taking in the rush of skating, guests can enjoy this unique facility’s excitement and camaraderie.


  • Safety features
  • Skateboarding lessons
  • Community atmosphere
  • Free admission
  • Positive recreation 

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans MemorialPark provides a calm area for introspection and memory, nestled in peaceful surroundings. Admired by monuments, plaques, and memorials honoring veterans of different military branches, the immaculately kept grounds are open for exploration by guests. 

Community meetings, patriotic celebrations, and memorial services honoring the commitment and service of those who have served their nation can all take place in the park’s moving surroundings. Veterans Memorial Park is a permanent reminder of the bravery and dedication of America’s servicemen and women with its serene atmosphere and moving memorials.


  • Patriotism and pride
  • Walking trails
  • Community gathering space
  • Educational opportunities
  • Commemorative events 

Deerfoot Memorial Gardens

Clay, Alabama’s Deerfoot Memorial Gardens, is renowned for its serene ambiance and respectful demeanor. It offers a tranquil resting place amidst picturesque surroundings. It provides a haven for introspection and memory and is the last resting place for many residents. The well-kept gardens and careful landscaping of the cemetery offer a lovely setting for remembering and paying respects to the dead.

 Families and tourists can find comfort and tranquility amid nature at Deerfoot Memorial Gardens, which boasts a serene atmosphere and picturesque views. Thanks to its well-kept grounds, sympathetic personnel, and considerate amenities, it is a beloved site of eternal rest and remembrance in the neighborhood.


  • Historical significance
  • Perpetual care
  • Community events
  • Peaceful environment
  • Dedicated staff 

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery is a permanent reminder of the community’s rich past and lasting heritage. Established many generations ago, Mount Moriah Cemetery has been the eternal resting place for numerous beloved citizens, including families and pioneers who have profoundly influenced the town’s history. 

Appreciation for its serene atmosphere and well-kept grounds, Mount Moriah Cemetery provides a peaceful haven for contemplation, remembrance, and reverence. The lush vegetation, tall trees, and thoughtfully positioned monuments dot the landscape, creating a quiet environment for guests to pay their respects and honor the memories of their loved ones.


  • Veteran tributes
  • Preservation efforts
  • Community Legacy 
  • Scenic beauty 
  • Historical significance 

Local Farmers’ Markets

In communities such as Clay, AL, local farmers’ markets are thriving centers of culinary delights and community activity. Fresh produce and handcrafted goods are available at these markets, providing locals and tourists with a unique chance to interact with farmers, artisans, and producers in the area. 

The farmers’ market offers abundant regional flavors and skills, ranging from freshly picked fruits and vegetables to baked goods and handcrafted goods made by hand. It’s more than just a place to shop; it’s a place to celebrate the area’s agricultural heritage, support small businesses, and build community. It is a vibrant hub of community spirit and sustainable living, with a wide range of products and services.


  • Seasonal variety
  • Cultural diversity
  • Live entertainment
  • Educational opportunities
  • Locally produced goods


There’s always something fun to do in Clay, Alabama, and it won’t break the bank thanks to the abundance of free activities catering to various interests and age groups. Clay beckons locals and visitors to immerse themselves in its rich history and vibrant community spirit.

 This invitation extends to strolling through tranquil parks, exploring historic sites, attending community events, and savoring the local flavors at farmers’ markets. Enjoying the peace of nature, learning about the town’s past, or socializing with neighbors at cultural events are just a few free activities in Clay that help residents feel like they belong and appreciate the town’s unique qualities.


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